Customs Guidance For Passengers

Before You Go

Travelers should make themshelves familiar with their countries of destinations, in order to get the most joyful visit as well as to avoid possible dangers.

Moreover, Travelers should be aware of restrictions on items to be taken overseas and items to be brought into Indonesia upon their return.

Travelers who is found having done actions against customs will face consequences such as detention, fine, confiscation of items brought and in some cases, be sentenced to prison for three months or more.

For your safety, get information from Indonesian Embassy relating prohibited items before travelling to Indonesia.


Must Have Been Known about Customs Declaration Form 


  • All arriving passenger must fill Customs Declaration Form (BC 2.2 Form). You can attain this form in the aircraft or near Customs and Excise Inspection Area. Declare all of the goods brought and its condition with truth. Further, you have to submit CD to customs officers in order to make them easier in doing examination regarding your items and deciding what action should be taken. You are allowed to take your belongings once customs officer states it clear and it has no violation.
  • Principally, The Goods Brought in to Indonesia are deemed as Imported Goods, which become subject to be charged by Import Duty and Other related Taxes. In determining whether or not the goods are subject to import duty, Indonesian Customs or the Directorate General of Customs and Excise has full authorization to examine all passengers belongings. The examinations consist of document verification, X-Ray scanning, and body checking upon a suspected passenger in order to detect prohibited, restricted, or dutiable goods and risk items. Furthermore, You may be questioned by customs officers and have your belongings inspected. Additionally, In the passenger hall, you may see Customs officer assisted using detector dogs to search for drugs and other prohibited or restricted goods. Once one get caught narcotics, illegall drugs, or any articles which are related to terrorism activities and/or currency and/or bearer activities which are related to money laundering that violate state laws and regulation of Indonesia, he/she could be fined, prosecuted, or get his/her goods be destroyed.


Particular Object You have to declare In Customs Declaration Form

What are Prohibited and Restricted Goods?

By Carrying certain imported goods into the country, you may have to obtain special permit from the government insititutions, such as Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Communication and Information, the Ministry of Agriculture etc. Customs would release the goods once the owners provide the required permits. For further information, visit menu “Lartas Information”.


  1. Narcotics, Psychotropics Substances, Precusor and Drugs


It is illegal to carry narcotics, psychotropics substances, precusor and drugs including cannabis, heroin, cocaine and amphetamines in and out of Indonesia otherwise you should have permission for use that for research or medication. Other drugs may be restricted. You will need a permit to carry these goods in and out of Indonesia. There are penalties for not declaring prohibited and restricted goods and for making false declarations on your Customs Declaration Form (BC 2.2 Form).


WARNING Indonesia treats drug offences severely. The death penalty is the maximum punishment for those who convicted of trafficking, manufacturing, importing or exporting narcotics including heroin, morphine, cocaine, cannabis, cannabis resin, opium, and other. You can be charged for unauthorised consumption as long as traces of illicit drugs are found in your body system, even if you can prove that they were consumed outside the country. You can also be charged for trafficking if the drugs are found in bags as your belongings, whether you're aware of them or not.


  1. Firearms, weapons and ammunition

You must declare all weapons, firearms, and ammunition and their components, including air gun, imitation firearms, and soft air firearms. Other weapons such as sword and knives must also be declared. Some of these items may require permission to be imported, and may be subject to other import requirements.


  1. Animal, Fish, and Plants including their products (vegetables, foods etc) have to declared and may have to need quarantine permits.


  1. Phornography Article and publication controlled by regulations, you have to declare any phornography article or publication including sex toys, magazines, and This also including publications and any media which depicts child pornography and explicit sexual violence.


  1. Currency

There is no limit on the amount of currency that you can bring to Indonesia. However, you must declare in Customs Declaration form and check the authenticity of your money to customs officer in arrival gate, in case you are bringing currency and/or bearer negotiable instrument (cheque, traveller cheque, promissory notes, giro) in rupiah or other currencies which equal to 100 million Rupiah or more. Violation againts this provision shall be penalized with administrative fine of 10% of the money carried with maximum fine 300 million rupiah.


  1. Medicines

These products may be restricted or require a permit in order to be imported. Some traditional medicines may contain endangered plant or animal products and these should be declared to Customs Officer. It is advisable that you carry a letter of prescription from your doctor in the English language describing your medical condition if you bring some medication with you.


  1. Protected wildlife

Indonesia’s strict laws control the import and export of protected plants and animals and associated products. This can include regulated products such as traditional medicines, ivory, snake or reptile skin, orchids, turtle shell etc.


Specific Provision For Passenger Luggage (General goods, Alcoholic beverages and Tobacco Product)

Most personal items such as clothing, footwear, and articles for personal hygiene brought into Indonesia in your accompanied baggage may be free from duty and tax except for commercial merchandise.

Passenger who brings goods for personal use from aboard will be granted an exemption of import duties, excise, and taxes at the most:

-     Goods of FOB value USD 250 per person or USD 1000 per family (maximal 4 persons) per arrival, not include commercial merchandise.

-     200 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 100 grams of sliced tobacco or other tobacco products and 1 liter of alcoholic beverages for every adult.


Crew who brings goods for personal use from abroad will be granted an exemption of import duties, excise, and taxes at the most:

-     Goods of FOB value USD 50 per person per arrival, not include commercial merchandise,

-     40 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 40 grams of sliced tobacco of other tobacco products; and 350 mililiter of alcoholic beverages.

If alcoholic beverages and tobacco products exceeding those quantities, Customs officers will destroy them directly in front of the owners.

Commercial Merchandise are articles for sale, sample used for soliciting orders, materials or components used for industrial purposes, and/or goods that are not considered as personal effect. In case you are bringing commercial merchandise into Indonesia, it shall be imposed with import duty and other import related taxes (VAT and article 22 income tax).

Tips: Enclose authentic receipt or invoice, as they will help in assessing the value of general goods.


A passenger sometimes despatches their goods as a cargo delivery goods (registered in the manifest) at the same time of the arrival of passenger or several days later.

It can be treated as a passenger’s good and free of duty and tax as long as the arrival of the good does not exceed 15 days since the date of the passenger’s arrival, or 30 days before the date of the passenger arrival which is proven by their passport and boarding pass. The consignee name in the manifest must be the same as the passenger’s name.

You have to pay import duty and import related taxes ( VAT and Income Tax) to customs cashier with cash or Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machine, it means you can pay it with debit card or credit card. Furthermore, You will receive Customs, excise and tax payment slip or called SSPCP (Surat Setoran Pabean, Cukai dan Pajak) as a prove that you already pay your duty and tax.


Temporary Importation

Personal belongings of passengers or commercial merchandise that really meant to be Re-exported such as goods for exhibition or research tools could be treated as Temporary Imported and it is given Exemption of Import Duty.

For this procedure the passenger must:

  1. fill form of Temporary Imported Goods and attach to the Customs Declaration of Passenger (Customs Declaration Form) if the temporary import goods of passengers are not through the cargo.
  2. clear the customs clearance by using the Notification of Imported Special Goods (PIBK) if the temporary import goods of passengers are through cargo.
  3. The personal goods of passengers can be exempted from the obligation to deliver guarantee based on consideration of Head of Customs Office or appointed Customs and Excise Official in entry place of Temporary Imported Goods.

Once consideration of the head of customs office requires delivery of guarantee temporary import of goods, guarantee forms used are cash guarantee.


In case of based on consideration of Head of Customs Office in entry place of Temporary Imported Goods, which requires delivery of guarantee, following provisions shall be applied:

A. To passengers handed cash guarantee with port of entry same with port of release, the passengers must:

1)  fill Form of Temporary Imported Goods of Passenger

2)  submit a photocopy of the passport.


B. To passengers handed cash guarantee with port of entry different with port of release, the passengers must:

1)  submit a power of attorney to return guarantee by enclosing photocopy of passport in case returning of guarantee is made by the sponsor;

2)  include the account number in the name of passenger in the form of Form of Temporary Imported Goods of Passenger, in case of returning of guarantee is done through account transfer; and

3)  pay the cost of transfer of accounts in accordance with the provisions of the imposition of the administrative costs of the bank in case of returning of guarantee is done through account transfer.


Customs Rules for Passenger and Aircraft Crews Departing Indonesia

  1. You have to declare and notify the Customs Officer, in case you are bringing currency and/or bearer negotiable instrument (cheque, traveller cheque, promissory notes, giro) in rupiah or other currencies which equal to the amount 100 million rupiahs or more in BC 3.2 Form that provided at customs office in departure gate. Violation againts this provision shall be penalized with administrative fine of 10% of the money carried with maximum fine 300 million rupiahs.
  2. In case you bring currency in Rupiah which equal or up to 100 million rupiahs, not only you have to declare and notify the customs Officer in BC 3.2 Form, but also you have to get permit from Bank Indonesia. Violation againts this provision shall be penalized with administrative fine of 10% of the money carried with maximum fine 300 million rupiahs.
  3. If you have valuable personal items like computers, cameras or other commercial goods that you’re taking with and you intend to bring back to Indonesia, you have to notify the customs officer (temporary export).
  4. You need to apply for a permit to export heritage-listed goods such as archaeological objects.

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PMK No. 228/PMK.04/2014 tentang Impor Sementara Dengan Menggunakan Carnet Atau Ekspor Yang Dimaksudkan Untuk Diimpor Kembali Dalam Jangka Waktu Tertentu Dengan Menggunakan Carnet -- Lampiran

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Sehubungan dengan banyak ditemukan kesalahan pembuatan kode billing oleh Importir dan PPJK sejak diberlkaukan Implementasi Modul Penerimaan Negara Generasi 2 (MPN-G2) pada Direktorat Jenderal Bea dan Cukai, Kepala Kantor Pelayanan Utama Bea dan Cukai Soekarno Hatta mengeluarkan pengumuman terkait akan hal tersebut yang tercantum pada Surat Nomor S-174/KPU.03/2016 tentang Perbaikan Data Aplikasi Billing System. Importir/PPJK yang akan mengajukan perbaikan data billing wajib membuat permohonan tertulis kepada Kepala KPUBC Soekarno Hatta. Berikut selengkapnya tentang pengumuman tersebut.

S-174 (2016) - Perbaikan Data Aplikasi Billing System

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